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New Scottish Magazine for Outdoor and Wildlife Enthusiasts

Outdoor adventurers of all ages now have their own dedicated magazine following the launch of Scotland Outdoors, a new publication that showcases the very best of Scotland’s outstanding landscape and wildlife.

Wild Scotland has been working with this high-quality quarterly magazine which aims to capture the spirit of adventure inherent in exploring Scotland’s dramatic landscape. The feature-led editorial covers adventure travel, active outdoor sports, wildlife, ecology and conservation, as well as highlighting the people and issues that shape Scotland’s outdoors.

The editorial is intelligent and accessible, appealing to a broad range of outdoor enthusiasts rather than specialists. Stories ranges from issue-based pieces on topical subjects to exciting ‘can do’ articles and area-specific material – always with an emphasis on sustainable, low impact use of wild places.

“The magazine is all about highlighting opportunities to engage with the outdoors,” explains Richard Rowe, Editor, Scotland Outdoors. “We want to inform, entertain and inspire readers to plan their own outdoor adventures in Scotland.

“These might range from a beginner’s sea kayaking trip in the Western Isles, to mountain biking in the Highlands, or a wildlife watching adventure on Speyside. The possibilities are endless.”

Scotland Outdoors will be published quarterly with the seasons – a schedule designed to highlight Scotland’s year-round attraction for outdoor enjoyment. However, rather than being available on the newsstand, the magazine will instead be distributed through more targeted partnerships with key outdoor stakeholders, including in-room copies at high-quality guest houses, inns and hotels in prime outdoor activity locations; Green Tourism Business Scheme members; outdoor activity, wildlife and visitor centres; specialist tour groups; and select outdoor retailers.

The magazine is also already stocked by a variety of Wild Scotland members – either for sale or as an ‘added value’ gift item for customers. All are invited to participate in the development of the magazine either as a stockist or as an editorial contributor.

About the publisher
Scotland Outdoors has been developed by Big Bend Publishing, a small publishing house based in Peebles, Scottish Borders. The company incorporates a team of editors, writers and designers with a strong track record in producing high-quality and inspiring books and magazines. Meanwhile, outside contributors to Scotland Outdoors are experts in their field, with many making a living as outdoor activity instructors, mountain guides, wildlife tour leaders, photographers and rangers.

For more information, please contact Richard Rowe at or visit

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