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Dolphin-watching with Gemini Explorer

Many Wild Scotland members keep logs of their sightings on their website. Here is a excerpt from one member, Gemini Explorer who run wildlife watching boat trips from Buckie on the fabulous Moray Firth.

Friday 15th August.
What a day! Sailed at 09.15 hrs. Almost back to the harbour when fins spotted at the East Mucks at 11.35 hrs – 5 bottlenose dolphins & a very young calf came close to the boat. A couple swam under the bow  then dived then reappeared. Four fins in a row & some breaches, left them 11.45 hrs as we made our way in.

Sailed again 13.00hrs, Just reached Findochty when the rain started & by the time we were at the Tronachs, the heavens had really opened, water coming straight down, so we all made our way to the back of the boat for shelter & then after we passed the bow fiddle yes a flash but not from a camera, then the rumble & more flashes as the lightning lit up the then very dull sky & great rumbles. Sandend came into sight & just as we were turning round to leave the rain behind, we heard a rush just off our port side, then the sun came out & yes, the rush was the dolphins coming towards us. Again there were 5 bottlenose dolphins and a calf. They came on the bow & then breached along side then seemed to disappear then up they popped again a couple of tail slaps a little more breaching then as we approached Cullen Bay we left them at 14.45 hrs as we sailed for Buckie with very happy passengers.

14.15hrs (by then our jackets had dried out ) & we were once again leaving the harbour. Just by the middle mucks the skipper gives a shout. dolphins a little ahead on the Port side & yes there was the same group we had left at Cullen Bay coming West, so we slowed down & they came to visit us the little calf leaped right out of the water, then they surfaced slowly then dived again & the next we saw they were travelling quite fast away towards the West.14.40hrs we turned & continued our trip East, Almost back to Buckie when dark skys & lovely flashes of lightening ahead of us at Buckie. Great cracks of thunder & once again the rain came & boy didn’t it come down, but everyone left happy, though a little wet.

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