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Argaty red kite finds love in Wales

With the backdrop of the snow covered hills of mid-Wales, over 300 red kites are gliding and spiralling before diving down to the ground in a race to get food from the ground.

“We are used to seeing very large numbers of kites at the feeding station at Gigrin Farm during the winter, but yesterday amongst the others I spotted a different coloured wing-tag. A few calls later and it was confirmed as being a kite from Central Scotland” said Tony Cross, consultant ornithologist  with the Welsh Kite Trust.

Red kite chicks are fitted with unique tags to enable the population to be monitored. This bird red/purple 2T is a female that was tagged near Wild Scotland member, Argaty Red Kite Project near Stirling in 2007.

Red kites usually breed when they are two years old, with courtship occurring end of February through to March and pair-bond for life.

Mike McDonnell, Head Ranger at Argaty Red Kite Project was delighted with the news that red/purple 2T was alive and well. “The last time we spotted her at Argaty was in December. It’s great to know she’s still alive. There is every chance this kite will now stay and breed in Wales, but we are all hoping she will join in the Homecoming Scotland 2009 celebrations and return to the fold, bringing a potential partner back with her!”

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