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Tall Tree at Blair Castle ‘measures up’ as the tallest tree in Perthshire.

The team at Atholl Estates is delighted to announce that a Grand Fir tree in Diana’s Grove, part of the historic landscape surrounding Blair Castle, is the tallest tree in Perthshire and the 2nd tallest tree in the UK. The tree, climbed by a group of experts earlier this week, measured 62.7 metres just a metre short of the UK’s tallest tree.

A team of University Lecturers from Sparsholt College and Urban Forestry, Bury St Edmonds visited a Grand Fir in Diana’s Grove as part of ‘The Tall Trees Project 2009’ when they measured some of the tallest trees in the UK. The tree in Diana’s Grove was included in the study which measured a number of other Scottish Douglas Firs; the tallest tree growing near Dunans Castle, Argyll, the other at The Hermitage near Dunkeld in Perthshire.

The results, measured in accordance with the Tree Register’s guidelines, will provide data to the Tree Register for their use;

Stronardron Douglas Fir, Argyll
Climbed measurement from tip to highest point at base was 63.79m
Diana’s Grove Grand Fir, Blair Castle
Climbed measurement from tip to highest point at base was 62.70m
Dughall Mor Douglas Fir, Inverness
Average height taken from several readings: 62.02m
Hermitage Douglas Fir, Dunkeld
Climbed measurement from tip to highest point at base was 61.31m

The project recorded the height of these trees whilst raising awareness of the fantastic natural heritage of the UK and promoting interest in a range of tree related opportunities. Spectacular aerial photography was administered by extreme photographer Lukasz Warzecha who took some unique photographs of the ascents and views of Diana’s Grove.  The trees were chosen in conjunction with the Tree Register who administer and keep records of the UK’s tallest trees. Six of the top ten tallest trees are located in Scotland due to a good growing environment, a mild and wet climate and sheltered valleys.

Go and see the tree for yourself, Blair Castle and Grounds are open throughout the winter on Tuesdays and Saturdays, 9.30am-2pm. Entrance to the Grounds, restaurant and shop is free until March 28, 2009 (an admission fee applies for castle tour).

For further information about Blair Castle please phone 01796 481 207 or visit

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