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Salty Sanctuary’s New Lease of Life

An area of salmarsh and shallow pools in front of the Montrose Basin Visitor Centre has been given a new lease of life.

The pools were once used in the salt-making process however over time they became choked by vegetation. Money donated by Carillion Natural Habitat Fund has enabled some of the vegetation to be removed. Shallow scrapes were created for waders and deeper areas for dabbling ducks. Lapwing, mallard, teal and wigeon have been attracted to the area, as well as a rare visitor from North America – a drake green-winged teal – and a hobby which spent the day hunting dragonflies over the open water.

Future plans for the site include bringing in SWT’s ‘Flying Flock’ of sheep to graze the area which will help attract breeding waders and the wintering population. Money from SITA Tayside Biodiversity Fund will fund the construction of a stock fence around the area.

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