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Keep Your Bird Feeders Clean

Do you regularly clean your bird feeders and bird baths?  Bird feeders and bird baths are a lifeline for millions of cold and hungry birds especially in one of the worst winter we have had in a long time. Dirty bird feeders and tables can spread a disease called Trichomoniasis or ‘trich’ so it’s important that bird tables and feeders are kept clean.

The disease, which was estimated to have killed around 500,000 greenfinches in 2007, is caused by a parasite that lives in the upper digestive tract of birds and is spread when they feed each other, and when they visit tables and feeders contaminated by infected birds. Other birds such as pigeons and house sparrows are also at risk. Bird feeders can also be a source of E-coli and salmonella.

Tips for cleaning your bird feeder:

  • Clean Regularly. Feeders should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a month, some may need to be cleaned more often and depends on how many birds are using them.
  • Use Proper Cleaning Solutions. According to the RSPB you should use one part bleach to nine parts of hot water.  You can also use a mild dish detergent preferably unscented or you can buy cleaning solutions especially for bird-feeders.
  • Clean All Feeder Parts. Make sure you clean your feeder to prevent disease, especially all the different part of the feeder, i.e. lids, hooks, poles or any other part where the birds may perch should be cleaned.

Also remember to clean your bird bath regularly and keep topped up with fresh drinking water.

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