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EAE Support for Wild Scotland Announced

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EAE: award-winning sustainable leaflet distribution company

Wild Scotland is delighted to announce generous support from award-winning sustainable leaflet distribution company, EAE.

EAE are supporting Wild Scotland by distributing the association’s brochure across Scotland and helping spread the word about the responsible adventure and wildlife tourism.

The company distributes millions of leaflets and posters every year through its 5,000 sites across Scotland. Since its inception 23 years ago, EAE has sought to promote and champion responsible environmental business practices and their environmental credentials are exemplary. As a result EAE is an ideal partner for Wild Scotland.

As Scotland’s largest and most established, nationwide publicity distribution service, their impressive environmental record includes:

  • Discounts offered to clients who use recycled paper for their leaflets
  • Recycling service for clients’ waste paper, cardboard and plastics.
  • Delivery van drivers undertake eco-driving training to reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs.
  • Use bicycles to maintain display sites in Edinburgh and public transport to deliver posters to key sites.
  • Operate Scotland’s first electric leaflet delivery van in the Edinburgh area, the ‘Electric Green Leaflet Machine’.
  • Installed Windy Boy, an on-site wind turbine which now generates half their HQ electricity requirements.
  • Report sightings from the EAE Wildlife Garden to the BTO BirdTrack online bird recording.

Future projects include installing solar panels on to their warehouse roof, developing a rainwater harvesting system to reduce water use and switching to biofuel, sourced from recycled chip shop fat from Glasgow.

Glen Bennett, EAE’s Managing Director commented, “EAE is delighted to support Wild Scotland and it’s members by providing sponsored leaflet marketing across Scotland. Our aim has always been to promote sustainability in all forms and highlight the extraordinary natural beauty and diversity of Scotland’s wild places. Wild Scotland’s diverse membership, their ethos and sustainable business practices means we have found a perfect partner”.

Wild Scotland Chairman, Ben Mardall commented, “On behalf of all Wild Scotland members we are very grateful to EAE for their generous support of the association and are looking to working with them. EAE’s sponsorship will enable us to reach many more visitors in Scotland and encourage them to enjoy Scotland’s great outdoors”.

Keep an eye out for the Wild Scotland leaflet on EAE leaflet stands at key transport hubs and for more information about the services EAE offer, visit their website.

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