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2013 Adventure Conference

Being there: slow, fast, traditional, wild, urban, natural…

When: 21 – 23 May 2013

Where: Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Isle of Skye

Following the success of the inaugural Adventure Conference in February 2012r, the Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research at the School of Adventure Studies, West Highland College UHI, in collaboration with SportScotland, is pleased to announce the 2013 Adventure Conference.

From late-modern ideas of thrilling, commodified ‘fast’ adventure, to rediscovering the outdoors via challenging journeys in remote, wild and nature-rich places in ‘slow’ adventure activities, outdoor leisure and tourism continues to be lionised as the sustainable exemplar for tourism development. Adventure tourism showcases the environmentally and socially responsible experiences that can form a model for tourism and destination development worldwide. As the Secretary-General of the UNWTO recently stated:

“adventure tourism is what tourism should be today and definitely what tourism will be tomorrow” (ATTA, 2012).

This conference will bring together leading academics, educators, entrepreneurs and practitioners working in adventure tourism to present and critically assess these and other ideas. The ultimate aim is to determine ways in which educators, tour guides, businesses and participants can drive forward this impactful experiential recreation and tourism sector responsibly, so that the arenas in which it operates remain and are enhanced for the generations of adventurers who will follow in our footsteps. We will also consider the democratisation of outdoor leisure, and ways in which this ideal might be realised.

The key themes are:

  • Celebrating natural capital
  • Inclusive adventure
  • Supporting the adventure experience
  • Adventure responsibilities
  • Creating / branding adventure destinations and sports venues

For further information about the conference, including the programme, contact Steve Taylor at West Highland College.

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