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Wildlife Goes Multi-Lingual

Download the Wildlife Sheet here.

Scotland’s tourism businesses and tour guides are to have access to a new wildlife spotting guide to help their customers find out more about the country’s wildlife.

The simple guide, covering fourteen species in ten different languages, has been produced by Forestry Commission Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and Wild Scotland as part of the Year of Natural Scotland.

The leaflet is free to download, simply click here.

Fiona Murray, Forest Tourism Development Manager from Forestry Commission Scotland commented, “Scotland’s wildlife is all around us. Whether you’re driving along a road or out on a boat there is always wildlife about. Many of Scotland’s tour guides speak other languages, but technical terms, such as bird names, are perhaps less well-known. By providing a list of species in ten different languages, we hope to help both guides and visitors enjoy Scotland’s wildlife even more.

As well as key European languages – English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese – the animals are also translated into Mandarin, Russian and Gaelic.

Maren Ebeling, Tourism Officer from Scottish Natural Heritage commented, “With so many iconic species in Scotland, it was difficult to choose which ones to include. In the end we went for a mix of common species which people may see as they travel around (such as buzzard, pheasant and seal) and iconic species which are elusive but visitors may ask about (such as golden eagle and otter), plus a few extras for fun (such as the Highland Cow and the Loch Ness Monster).”

The full list of 14 species is

Red deer ¦  Red grouse ¦ Grey seal ¦ Golden eagle ¦ Red squirrel ¦ Common buzzard ¦  Otter ¦ Roe deer ¦ Osprey ¦ Puffin ¦ Bottlenose dolphin ¦ Pheasant ¦ Highland cow ¦ Loch Ness Monster

The leaflet is free to download, simply click here.

Printed copies are available from Wild Scotland. Please contact Wild Scotland for details.

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