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You don’t have to be ‘Prince Harry’ of the Antarctic to get your piece of a snowy wilderness.

Snow holing in the Cairngorms: Credit: Scot Mountain Holidays

Snow holing in the Cairngorms: Credit: Scot Mountain Holidays

Why not try snow-holing 9000 miles closer than Antarctica in the UK’s own high arctic environment, Scotland’s Cairngorm plateau.

Snow-holing expeditions are not for the faint hearted but it is a remarkable experience, so join Scot Mountain Holidays and test your skills.

After a day of essential winter skills training you will embark on a 2 day expedition spending the night out in the snowy wilderness. You’ll dig out the snow hole as a team and once inside you’ll have your own unique ‘frozen’ dinner and a wee tipple.

Imagine flickering candle light giving way to the soft light of a winter’s dawn as you emerge from you snowy abode. Not a soul about, a vast winter wonderland all to yourself.  The satisfaction of having survived comfortably in one of the most hostile environments. The challenge is unique, the rewards are unrivalled and the memories are unforgetable!

Want to give it a go?

Scot Mountain Holidays are running 3 snow-holing expeditions (see dates below). The expeditions are 3 days / 4 nights and are inclusive of full board, accommodation, provision of snowholing equipment, transfers between Inverness Airport/Aviemore Station.


  • Arrive 31st January, depart 4th February 2013
  • Arrive 20th February, depart 24th February 2013
  • Arrive 14th March, depart 18th March 2013

Find out more here.

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