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Tourism Webinars Series – Catch up

The latest TIS digital webinars series brought to you by HIE bring together some of the best in business to share their keys to success. These videos last 45 minutes each and can be viewed at anytime. We do hope you find them all beneficial!

Is my website working? – watch again

Creating a website takes time money and effort, so you want to ensure that it is worth it and you are getting additional business in return. This webinar introduces the key factors that make a good website and how tools like Google Analytics can help you ensure your website is working for you and your customers.

Is digital marketing a DIY job? – watch again

The increasing importance of social media and the need to ensure that your website is up to date with what your customers need and want, means that you are probably going tohave to create some form of online marketing activity plan. This webinar looks at the reality of what that might include, and the time and skills required.

Managing your online reputation – watch again

In this webinar the industry experts explain some simple ways to keep up to speed with what people are saying about your business, and will provide and insight into which websites people regularly use and trust.

Future trends of the digital tourist –watch again

Things happen quickly in the world of digital technology, in this webinar we hear from Stephen Whitelaw what is already yesterday’s news and what is coming next – along with some top tips about how to keep up.


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