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Visit Britain - Scotland advert, Caroline Warburton

Visit Britain – Scotland advert, Caroline Warburton

  • Fourth and final round of popular VisitBritain advertising goes live at Heathrow
  • VisitScotland’s ‘Meet the Scots’ integrated with GREAT campaign across all terminals

Today four new animated VisitBritain GREAT campaign images of Scotland are due to go live across Heathrow to coincide with the festive season and attract more international visitors to Scotland. In a joint initiative combining VisitScotland, VisitBritain and Heathrow, the adverts will be showcased across 326 digital screens in the airport’s five terminals for the next three months.

The animated images make up the fourth round of GREAT campaign advertising to feature across the airport this year as part of a 12-month £4 million advertising package granted by Britain’s busiest airport to help VisitBritain promote the country’s nations and regions throughout 2014. The Scotland images are the first of the four rounds of advertising to be animated.

The adverts tie in with VisitScotland’s ‘Meet the Scots’ campaign, featuring real Scottish people and their local travel tips. Spanning the themes of Food, Countryside and Heritage, the new adverts aim to introduce visitors to authentic Scottish ‘ambassadors’ and the experiences they represent. Ethical shellfisher Guy Grieve from the Isle of Mull stars in the food-themed advert, echoing Scotland’s Year of Food & Drink 2015, and Gaelic singer Kathleen MacInnes is pictured in the dramatic countryside around Loch Assynt, while wildlife expert Caroline Warburton appears near Glenfinnan Monument. In the Heritage-themed advert, battle re-enactor Robert Ballantyne is pictured by Stirling Castle.

This activity is part of a 12-month airport advertising campaign organised by VisitBritain and Heathrow to promote Yorkshire, Wales, and the North East and South West of England. For the third round of advertising in September, Heathrow asked consumers to vote for either the North West, the North East, the Midlands or Northern Ireland to be featured in the next round of advertising.  After a very close Facebook competition and backed by huge public support, the North East triumphed and five images of the region have been showcased across the airport for the last three months. During the Tour De France, VisitBritain placed ads of Yorkshire across the airport as it hosted the Grand Depart and, prior to that, images of Cornwall, Glastonbury and Devon immediately after the floods.

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