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Tonight’s #Scotlandhour-  The Great Outdoors  9pm – 10pm- TONIGHTscotlandhour-logo2

ScotlandHour is a monthly chat on Twitter. Covering subjects like ‘where to stay’, ‘where to eat’, ‘what to do in Bonnie Scotland’ etc. It’s a chance for travellers to chat and plan a visit to Scotland and is a great opportunity for businesses to promote their area and talk directing to potential visitors.

ScotlandHour takes place on the last Wednesday of the month, 9pm – 10pm- TONIGHT!

Handy tips 
– Tag your tweets with the hashtag #scotlandhour
– Use images where possible
– Know the format| Prepare your answers to the following questions:

9.00pm Q1. Which outdoor/walking challenge in Scotland on your wish list & why?

9.10pm Q2. Best 3-4 hour walks in Scotland where you can return to car afterwards?

9.20pm Q3. Urban walks & outdoor adventures –what’s good, where & why? #scotlandhour

9.30pm Q4. Which walks/tours are the most wheelchair / buggy friendly?#scotlandhour

9.40pm Q5. Preparing for a walk/cycle: print map, app, download or other? #scotlandhour

9.50pm Q6. Share photos of your favourite walks/outdoor activities. #scotlandhour

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