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Dear potential research participant,

You are invited to complete the attached PILOT e-questionnaire that will form part of my formal DTech: Adventure Tourism Management studies.

To assist niche tourism companies in formulating effective marketing strategies for specific target market and positioning purposes, the primary research objective of this study is to develop a conceptual framework for segmenting the adventure tourism sector, by linking the conceptual dimension of adventure tourism within the niche tourism sector to various marketing environmental factors.

If you decide to take part in this study, you will be required to complete the online ‘Bases for Segmenting Primary Niche Tourism Sectors’ questionnaire.  You will be asked to respond to questions regarding the importance of niche tourism components; as well as the external and internal marketing environmental factors related to the adventure tourism sector.  It should not take more than 10 minutes to complete this e-questionnaire. However, if you are not an Adventure Tourism Research Association member, you will not be eligible to complete this e-questionnaire.

Participation in this e-questionnaire is voluntary and questionnaire information will be confidential and anonymous. There is no obligation to participate in this e-questionnaire and you can withdraw at any stage without any penalty or future disadvantage whatsoever. But if you decide to participate and finish this e-questionnaire, the results will make a positive contribution towards the better understanding of how to segment niche tourism sectors (specifically the adventure tourism sector), so that niche tourism companies can develop specific products/services to cater to the specific needs/wants of the niche tourism market.

The Faculty Committee for Postgraduate Studies and the Senate Committee for Research Ethics of the Tshwane University of Technology have approved the formal study proposal.  All parts of the study will be conducted according to internationally accepted ethical principles.

Should you have any questions or comments relating to this questionnaire, the primary investigator, Mrs. M.J. Lötter, can be contacted during office hours. Should you have any questions or queries regarding the ethical aspects of this questionnaire, you can contact the chairperson of the TUT Senate Committee for Research Ethics, Dr WA Hoffmann, during office hours at Tel +2712 382 6265/46 or E-mail Alternatively, you can report any serious unethical behaviour at the University’s Toll Free Hotline 0800 21 23 41.

Please follow this link to the e-questionnaire: Take the Survey

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