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One Born in a Minute | First seal pup of the season on cameraMaya born 4 October 2015 (4)

Conservation and education charity, the Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick, is delighted to confirm that the first grey seal pup of the season has been spotted on the Discovery Centre’s interactive live cameras on the Isle of May National Nature Reserve.

Acting Discovery Centre Manager, Alex Turnbull, was the first one to see the seal pup on the cameras, at 11:00 on Sunday 4 October. Reports from the Isle of May suggest that the pup, who has been named Maya, was born that day.

As well as the new-born youngster there are a large number of female seals, known as cows, on the beach which look close to giving birth.

Caroline Vevers, Events and Exhibitions Officer at the Scottish Seabird Centre, said: “The first seal pup birth of the season on the Isle of May was confirmed around two weeks ago, but this is the first pup we have seen on our interactive live cameras and it is amazing to see the natural world in action from our Discovery Centre.

“For anyone visiting us who sees a seal pup birth live on camera they will be able to name it and be awarded their own seal adoption pack worth £30. Their adopted pup’s name will then be displayed on our seal nursery board.

“With around 2,400 births taking place each year on the Isle of May between October and December it is our very own version of One Born Every Minute – although seal pup births are quite quick so in fact for us it is One Born in a Minute!”

The Scottish Seabird Centre is also reminding people to stay away from any seals and pups that are seen on Scotland’s beaches. While they may look cute they can be dangerous and will bite. A pup may look abandoned, but it is very likely that its mother is close by. If they get human scent on them, they could be abandoned.

Tom Brock OBE, Chief Executive of the Scottish Seabird Centre, adds: “Scotland is of international importance for grey seals with around 40% of the world population in Britain and over 90% of the UK population in Scotland.[1]

“While they may look cute and cuddly, seals carry bacteria which are extremely dangerous to humans and other animals. If members of the public see seals in distress, whether pups or adults, they are advised to phone the Seabird Centre on 01620 890202 or the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999.”

 Watch the seal pup action live here

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