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A world-class visitor attraction – Scotland’s landscape, fashioned by geology

Wednesday 25 November 2015,

Battleby Conference Centre


Scotland’s Geodiversity is a world-class resource and has huge potential to enrich the visitor experience and encourage more visits.

This event will explore what’s currently on offer, and how the sector might develop and expand. This event will encourage partners to get involved in implementing Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter, and highlight the economic benefits of a greater awareness of geodiversity.

The event is for anyone involved in sharing Scotland’s landscape with visitors, in particular those who deliver tourism services such as: tour guides; bus and other tour operators; wilderness-ecotourism experience providers; rangers; visitor centre staff, tourism business and property managers; and those involved in offering outdoor pursuits.

The event will provide valuable networking opportunities and the chance to discuss and learnabout the landscapes of Scotland, and an insight into how the geological resource can be utilised to develop or enhance the visitor experience.

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