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Speyside Wildlife 25th Anniversary 1991-2016
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When we ran our first bird watching holiday in 1991, we never imagined that by 2016 we’d be taking guests around the world, nor that a major part of our 25th Anniversary year would be celebrating the fact that more than 25 guests have taken 25 or more holidays with us!
Speyside Wildlife has always been focused on its guests and where they want to go. In the early years it was our house parties in Nethybridge, Mallorca and New England that topped the lists, now everyone is much more adventurous, with Mongolia, Patagonia and Spitsbergen frequently on the wish list. Wherever it’s been and whatever guests want to do, our ethos has always been; small friendly groups of like-minded people, where everyone is treated as an individual and not one of a crowd.
Throughout the year, in different ways, we shall enjoy our achievement with our guests. We started our celebrations by thanking the first 25 guests who booked a holiday in our 25th Anniversary year with a £25 book token, our 25 guests that have done 25 or more holidays with us have all receive customised leather travel wallets. Other celebrations will happen throughout the year, and we have some amazing wildlife watching destinations this year, including Kamchatka, Uganda, Nova Scotia, Trinidad and Tobago and Texas! In addition, we shall be seeing many of our guests and friends at our events up and down the country and little extras will happen at each of these.
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