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EU debate | Should we stay or should we go?tube-1209419_1920

Brexit – the facts and the unknowns for the Scottish tourism industry

In just under 2 weeks, we will know the outcome of the European Referendum, a topic that has raised much debate around the implication of staying or exiting for the tourism industry in Scotland.

The number of visits by Europeans to the UK is double that of those who visit from other parts of the world, so where does that leave us if a decision is made to leave the EU and equally, how do we safeguard the future of our industry to enable growth in the future if we choose to stay?

The detail around free trade agreement, free movement of people and services, tourist visas, employment law, consumer rights, the value of sterling, air fares and security is unknown.  There is the certainty of a long period of uncertainty, should the UK vote to leave the EU, while a new set of trading relations and regulations is agreed – a ‘sweating’ period which is likely to be damaging for the tourism sector as a result of reduced consumer confidence.

A great deal hangs in the balance.

The coming weeks will of course see the amplification of both sides of the argument and potentially more research papers published to support a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’.

It’s impossible to predict what will happen to our industry until June 23rd, and perhaps for years after, however we do have many facts at our disposal and you may find the following articles of interest in framing your decision if you’re not 100% either/or –

What Brexit might mean for UK Travel – Deloitte

Should we stay or should we go? – Institute of Hospitality

Britain’s Decision: Facts and Impartial Analysis for the EU referendum on 23 June 2016 – David Hume Institute, Centre on Constitutional Change and The Hunter Foundation (particularly Chapter 12)

The impact of free movement on the labour market: case studies of hospitality, food processing and construction – National Institute of Economic and Social Research

UKinbound’s members rely on the EU for nearly 50% of business




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