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Grantown Grammer School Tenner Challenge – Speyside Wildlife

Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice came crashing together in the Spring – all Grantown Grammer School S2 pupils took part in the ‘Tenner Challenge’; a competition for budding entrepreneurs.
Each small group was give £10 to set up and establish a business (and maybe make a profit) in just three weeks; the deal being at the end of the three weeks the £10 had to be returned either though profit or their own pockets! Local entrepreneurs (one of which Speyside Wildlife, Sally Dowden), along with Rebecca Reid from The Red Sock Laundry) gave weekly input and advice to the S2 pupils.
There were a wide variety of enterprises planned including car washing, candle manufacturing, baking and sports instruction. After the three weeks, the pupils had to present to their peers about their entrepreneurial projects and calculate their bottom line. Some groups broke even while others were in triple figure profit!
Speyside Wildlife provided prizes for the best performing group in each class.

Sallys article


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