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Visitors know we know

p7qrnkeqp7wrWhat’s really important to our visitors? Getting ‘inside’ information from people in Scotland and VisitScotland know that. User-generated content and peer-to-peer conversations are the most powerful form of advertising and they influence visitors’ holiday decisions.

We also know from the 2015 Scotland Visitor Survey that when asked which source of information was used to look for things to see and do, talking with locals came out on top with 49%.

To harness the strength of local influence and to innovatively develop new ways of working to compete in a global market, the iKnow Scotland programme aims to market Scotland with Scotland.

We have adapted how we respond to the ever changing landscape of communicating with visitors by working together with partners and industry across the country through Scotland’s Online Community and our accredited iKnow VisitScotland Information Partner programme (VIP).

The VIP programme recognises and supports the considerable effort that businesses across the sector deliver to bring the Spirit of Scotland to life, to help our visitors get the most from their visit.

To champion Perthshire and make sure your visitors value their trip and return again, you can sign up to be part of this growing new programme which has over 600 businesses across Scotland on board – over 40 of which are in Perthshire.

VIP’s will be given access to our online toolkit with information and resources. To promote your VIP status, your business will also be provided with collateral.

This is ultimately about reaching more people with more personal information so they stay longer, spend more to grow the visitor economy and create jobs.

For more information about this exciting programme, contact Liz Shorthouse your Industry Relationship Manager for Perth & Kinross.


Source: VisitScotland

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