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Caledonian Discovery

Caledonian Discovery

Celebrating their 21st birthday in 2016 is the Caledonian Discovery family. In honour of this occasion Wild Scotland has a little bit to tell you about their barges and their history.

Martin Balcombe started the company in 1996 with the barge Fingal of Caledonia. The second barge, Ros Crana of Caledonia, was added in 2013 and doubled the company’s capacity. They sail the Caledonian Canal and famous Loch Ness from April to October, experiencing the beauty of Scotland in all its seasons. If you’re worried about the cold, don’t worry the Roc Crana has underfloor heating to warm those cold toes on a frosty October night.

Caledonian Discovery is more than just accommodation on one of the most historically interesting water ways in Scotland; they also offer walking, cycling, sailing and canoeing in the Great Glen. Their trained instructors can give advice on the best places to try out these activities. Activities can vary depending on where the barge anchors for the night and guests’ personal preferences.

So from everyone at Wild Scotland happy 21st birthday Caledonian Cruises! Here’s to 21 years of cruising the Great Glen!


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