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Sea Life SurveysCommon dolphins - Sealife surveys 100dpi

Sea Life Surveys have whale, dolphin, shark and wildlife cruises and have been running for over 30 years. Sea Life Surveys was brought into existence by Richard Fairbairn’s inspiration close encounter with a minke whale in 1982 and began as a research organisation. Today the business is run by Richard’s son James, and is more focused on wildlife holidays although they still involved in the more academic side of marine wildlife by running courses.

For a full history on the beginnings of Sea Life Surveys, First Fin is the documentary to watch

Visitors can take a trip on the Sula Beag, completely renovated in 2014, and cruise at 8 knots across the waters surrounding the Isle of Mull. With so much experience no two trips are the same with Sea Life Surveys. Look out for Minke Whales, Basking Sharks, Risso’s Dolphins and many species of birds while on the cruise.


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