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What’s Coming in 2017?

Here at Wild Scotland we are constantly working on improving the marketing support we provide, how we run and the ways in which we engage online. That’s why in 2017 we are making some exciting changes! Read on to find out what’s coming next year.

A full website review and the possibility of developing an online booking system.

digital-marketing-1725340_960_720By conducting a full website review we hope to find and amend any outdated links or images. The review will help us identify areas which must be improved in order to increase traffic or better support members. With more people booking their holidays online than ever before Wild Scotland will be looking into our options for developing an online booking system for members’ businesses.

Wild Scotland is also looking to the possibility of creating an overall more modern theme for the website to bring it more in-line with current online trends.

In January the current Wild Scotland blog will be developed

In order to improve member representation the Wild Scotland blog needs to be revived and reviewed. With our last post made sadly over a year ago the blog will be populated with up-to-date stories and kept up with weekly posts.

Launching a brand new Instagram accountautumn-1865843_960_720

Our Instagram will launch in the new year with a consumer facing photography competition. This will likely increase the volume of followers and will mean that future posts about members will reach a greater audience.

What’s coming over the next two years?

VisitScotland Growth Fund

Wild Scotland will be developing a VisitScotland Growth Fund proposal to target overseas markets where there is room for growth. This will be done through FAM visits, online and traditional marketing and PR campaigns

Greater Collaboration

Wild Scotland aims to encourage greater collaboration and product development through member forums in each region.

Support Wild Scotland Membership

Wild Scotland want to help support our members to develop their use of e-commerce and social media tools. This will allow members a better engagement with new and existing customer groups.

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