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Have a West Coast seabird adventure

The islands around the west coast of Scotland are coming alive now with the thousands of seabirds which arrive every spring to breed. To be amongst this is an amazing sensory experience of sight, sound and even smell. Activity reaches it’s peak around the beginning of July around the same time as cetacean activity increases too. We’re already seeing whales around the coast so looking promising for a good cetacean year.

Glenloy Wildlife are offering a 7 day holiday which makes the most of their location by the west coast by including a full day trip to the Treshnish Isles to walk among the puffin colonies, while looking out for whales on the way. We will also make trips around the coast to see the harbour seal pups which are still sticking close to mum. Our own pine marten should also be bringing out her own youngsters by then too.

Why not join us for an unforgettable wildlife experience from 1st – 8th July.

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