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Glenuig Inn wins a Global Green Hotelier Award for Waste Reduction

Glenuig Inn has been named as the Winner of Green Hotelier Awards 2018 in the Waste Category. Amongst other waste reduction achievements, it has reduced its waste to landfill by a massive 97.5% from a 2007 baseline, now only producing the equivalent to half a domestic refuse bin per week from a business which is open all day every day serving a full menu and has 35 bed-spaces. 
The Inn, located by the Sound of Arisaig on the West Coast of Scotland, has put in place initiatives covering all aspects of environmental management ranging from operating on 100% renewable energy for the last 3 years, to reducing the carbon footprint of transport through effective supply chain management. It has banished all single use plastic from the business; dried and sterilised food waste is co-mingled with wood pellet to provide all the heating and hot water meaning there is no food waste for disposal, and is working with suppliers on a ‘Packaging Take Back’ scheme which since the beginning of 2018 has already reduced cardboard and other types of outer packaging, including polystyrene, by a staggering 50%. 
Glenuig Inn has developed initiatives which make sense for its remote location and joined an impressive line up of winners from around the globe including from Mauritius, Maldives, Jakarta and Holland. For the first time the awards were linked to the Global Goals outlined by the United Nations (also known as SDG’s or Sustainable Development Goals) and according to the judges all the winners exemplified best practice in sustainable and responsible behaviour. 
Steve Macfarlane, Director of Glenuig Inn, commented, “we’re absolutely delighted and honoured to have won this prestigious global award and hope that we can inspire others to take the right steps to a sustainable future” 
He went on to add “We believe strongly in doing the right thing across all aspects of the business including minimising waste and truly believe that a holistic approach to creating a sustainable business is the only way to achieve real success both for the bottom line and also the environment”
Glenuig Inn, one of very few leisure and tourism businesses to clearly demonstrate that it’s possible to operate efficiently and profitably with minimal environmental footprint, whilst opening all year, was developed with the vision that environmental sustainability should be at the fore; ten years later that’s still the case. No decision is made without full consideration of environmental impacts and fully engaging the team in the process. 

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