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We love the great outdoors and let’s face it – we have lots of it here in Scotland!

From any of our larger towns and cities it is only a short journey before you can get out and enjoy the countryside and all it has to offer.  From the spectacular mountains in the Highland areas of Assynt, Torridon, Lochaber and the Cairngorms, to the Lowland and Coastal areas of the Scottish Borders, Dumfries & Galloway, Fife and the Lothians there’s lots to explore. Let’s not forget the hundreds of islands Scotland – each with their own unique character and geology.  Another highlight of being out in the great outdoors is the opportunity to see nature at its best.  We love wildlife and whether an avid wildlife watcher or not, you can’t help but be taken by the sights and sounds of our native animals in their own habitat.  There are some brilliant adventures to be had throughout the seasons and we love to be able to incorporate one or two of these great wildlife experiences into a tour of Scotland.  With access to a wealth of Scottish National Nature Reserves, Wildlife Reserves, Scottish Forestry Commission areas and local country estates Scotland offers a beautiful landscape for nature to thrive.  You can enjoy a wonderful blend of self-guided local trails as well as joining expert local guides who will help take you off the beaten track and share their unique knowledge of the area and resident species.  The options are endless…
We are a small tour operator for bespoke self-drive and escorted tours of Scotland.  Our namesake, the Capercaillie, a large woodland grouse is just one of these special native species of Scotland.  Elusive and rare, the breed explore the rich Caledonian Pine Forests of Scotland – they are hard to spot but quite spectacular when you do.  Our motto is to help you explore the best of Scotland, tread lightly, capture moments and memories without leaving a heavy footprint.
For a little inspiration for your time in Scotland we have created a sample itinerary called the Wildlife Watcher focusing on wildlife and the great outdoors.  All of our trips are tailor-made to suit the time you have available and your local preferences for things to see and do, but feel free to use this as a starting point and get in touch so we can start crafting something special for you.
Tel:          +44 (1334) 845 440

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