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A Real Autumn Watch Experience!

As the Autumn colours reach their most dramatic across Highland Perthshire, Highland Safaris is once again running its celebrated Autumn Watch Safari, a chance to head high into the hills with an experienced and knowledgeable Safari Ranger who will guide you through one of the most spectacular outdoor experiences in Scotland.

Hear the Red Deer Stag’s primal roar of the annual Rut resonate around the stunning, rugged hillside and you may be lucky enough to see other Highland Wildlife such as the famous Red Grouse, the elusive Mountain Hare and the soaring Golden Eagle.

The Rut is a major event for all those connected with the hills. The Stags roam the heather and peat swamps alone, rolling in peat, tossing their splendid antlers and roaring warnings to nearby challengers. The culmination is a clash of antlers in a dramatic and brutal bid to win groups of Hinds for the season. It is rare to witness this battle of strength and superiority, but the echo of the roaring and the tense, competitive atmosphere is the ultimate exposure to a truly wild environment.

The Safari Rangers will explain the landscape, its seasonal cycles, and the lives of animals and birds that have lived in harmony with the hills for many centuries, giving a unique insight into these icons of the Scottish Highlands and a memorable, fulfilling experience for all ages.

Along with your Land Rover, the Autumn Watch Safari includes a special offer of locally brewed Glen Lyon Coffee, local Kenmore Shortbread and a dram from our neighbour Dewars Whisky in one of our Mountain Bothies, surrounded on all sides by inspiring mountain views.


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