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See the amazing Autumn colours of Highland Perthshire at their most dramatic with Aberfeldy based Highland Safaris, whilst listening for the primal roar of the stags in the annual Red Deer Rut – one of the most dramatic outdoor experiences you can witness in Scotland!  Hearing a Stag’s primal roar resonate around the stunning, rugged hillside is an iconic sound of the Autumn, and Highland Safaris are privileged to operate in an environment which is shared with these magnificent creatures. On the Safari you will also look out for some other Highland Wildlife such as Famous Grouse, Mountain Hares, Ptarmigans and Golden Eagles. In the company of the experienced and knowledgeable Safari Rangers, guests can witness the wilderness environment as they’ve never seen it before.

The superb, family friendly Autumnwatch Safari runs until November.

Highland Safaris also have their own Red Deer Centre where visitors can photograph, feed, and stroke the Red Deer, learning more about their life cycle from the Kilted Safari Rangers. To book visit :


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Our Safari Rangers often tell us that Autumn is their favourite time of the year, and that they consider themselves to be privileged to take visitors from all over the world out on our amazing Autumnwatch Safaris. Certainly this time of year is special, filled with an appreciation of the beauty of trees as they change colour, a joy at autumn fruits in abundance, and an enjoyment of the first frosts, mists, and autumn nips before the real Winter sets in. We’ve tried to capture that “Autumn marvel” in our Autumnwatch Safaris.

We may live here but the stunning autumn colours of “Big Tree Country” still impress us, so we want to show you all that we can. We all agree that hearing the roar of the Red Deer Stag during the annual rutting season is a truly iconic, and very special, sound of Autumn in Scotland. Our Rangers will take to the very best places to observe wildlife, as creatures such as hares, ptarmigan and red squirrels ready themselves for Winter. It’s a fascinating journey through our unique environment for all ages – we bid you…enjoy!


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