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A new touring route, the Heart 200, designed to reinvigorate tourism in the heart of Scotland has been launched

The new Heart 200 route, which covers 200 miles around Perth, Stirling, The Trossachs and Highland Perthshire, designed to encourage more visitors to a region launches today (1 July).

The new Heart 200 website, which acts as an online tourist guide for those wishing to visit the area, is now live. Visitors can use it as a tool to plan their holidays in this beautiful part of Scotland.

Heart 200 is a spectacular circular route on existing public roads, with sub-routes suitable for walkers, cyclists and bikers as well as motorists. A vast array of visitor attractions and activities can be found in the vicinity of the 200-mile route, which uniquely links Scotland’s two national parks, Loch Lomond and The Trossachs and The Cairngorms.

The route, which is a broad 30-mile corridor, encourages visitors to take a wide range of different sub-tours as part of the experience, enabling them to access and enjoy a huge array of visitor attractions, places to visit, restaurants and hotels in the vicinity.

Spanning Perthshire, Stirling and Scotland’s two National Parks, the Heart 200 route is an exciting initiative which takes in some of the country’s best assets. New ideas like this are an excellent example of innovation within Scotland’s tourism industry to keep up with ever-changing consumer demands and ensure visitors continue to have memorable experiences.

These visitors represent a major benefit to areas across Scotland. Tourism is more than a holiday experience it is the heartbeat of the Scottish economy and touches every community, generating income, jobs and social change.

Caroline Warburton, VisitScotland Regional Leadership Director

An initiative which encourages more visitors to Perthshire, Stirlingshire, The Trossachs and Highland Perthshire can only be a good thing, particularly at the start of the busiest season of the year for tourism. We’re delighted that Heart 200 passes through Crieff. It will ultimately bring commercial benefits not only to the hotel, but with increased visitor numbers, to all the other Crieff based tourism businesses as well.

Stephen Leckie, CEO of the Crieff Hydro family of hotels


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