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Helping visitors enjoy Scotland responsibly

As coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are further eased and tourism reopens, we have created a new visitor charter on how to enjoy Scotland over the coming months.

This guidance informs visitors of how they can work together with businesses and communities to help the tourism industry get back on its feet, in a safe way.


Visitor Charter | How to enjoy Scotland responsibly

  • Join us in supporting the local tourism industry
  • Enjoy re/discovering Scotland.
  • Eat local, see local and buy local.


Plan ahead

  • Check the business is open and if you need to pre book.
  • Follow business / attraction / community on social for latest ‘open’ updates.
  • Look out for businesses supporting ‘Good to Go’ scheme, Scottish businesses are working hard to ensure your safety and welcome.
  • Many businesses prefer card payment.


Be considerate of local communities

  • What makes Scotland so special is its culture and warmth of welcome from local communities, so please respect their precious resources.
  • If it’s busy, move on and explore somewhere different.
  • Please take your litter with you.

Protect others and yourself

  • Do not travel if you have COVID-19 symptons or have been told to isolate.
  • Observe physical distancing, wear a face covering when required.
  • Regularly use hand sanitiser and wash your hand frequently.


Enjoy slow travel

Get involved and encourage responsible visiting

How to share the guidance with visitors – Visitor Charter | How to enjoy Scotland responsibly

Print and display: download poster here

Print and display at your business for visitors to see.


Get sociable, join the conversation and share the message of enjoying Scotland responsibly across your social media.

Share the hashtag #respectprotectenjoy.



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