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Launch of ‘Let’s Grow Adventure Tourism‘ initiative



Adventure and outdoor activities are expected to grow in popularity in the post COVID-19 world. Adventure tourism can be anything from adrenaline-fuelled activities such as mountain biking and rafting, to more gentle experiences such as foraging and wild camping.

The Let’s Grow Adventure Tourism programme brings like-minded businesses together and with the help of industry experts, you will have the opportunity to collaborate, create scale and develop an understanding of new consumer markets.

Adventure tourism businesses, both large and small, who are located within the Highland Council region are invited to register interest.

Benefiting from fully flexible business support, and the opportunity to link up with like-minded businesses, 50 adventure tourism businesses from across the Highlands will be supported through a series of specialist workshops with inspiring speakers, combined with one-to-one expert support and advice.

Part of the programme includes a residential event, however if there are still restrictions due to COVID-19 when this element is due to take place, arrangements will be made to take this online. During the event, businesses will benefit from a break away from normal business surroundings and have the opportunity to make new contacts, share ideas with the other participants and network with speakers too.

The programme is fully funded for businesses (excluding travel costs), however there will be a cost in terms of time. Before deciding to apply, you should be sure the proposed staff member is able to commit a maximum of 10 days to the programme, spaced across a number of months, and is able to arrange transport to the workshop location which will be within your businesses local geography.

If you are ready to grow your business and collaborate with other like-minded businesses, click here to find out more.

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