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For a winter boost to body and mind, join us and pledge to walk every day this winter

Will you join us to walk once a day this winter?


We know it has been a topsy-turvy year for everyone. So this winter we’re bringing some cheer, motivation and inspiration to help us all to take care of ourselves. We’re asking everyone to join us in pledging to walk a little every day this winter.

A daily walk can help us to beat the winter blues, socialise safely and boost our immune systems, helping us to look after our bodies and our minds as we head into these chilly months.

Cool prizes for cold days

Every week through December and January we’ll be giving away a Paths for All goody bag and some fab walking prizes sourced from Scottish businesses.

How to join in

Simply complete the short pledge below!

Share this!

Invite friends and family to take part. You can download our ‘I’m Walking once a day’ images for social media and tag #WalkOnceADay. There’s also a full set of #WalkOnceADay images to use if you’d like to spread the word about the wonders of a daily winter walk.

Get walking!

Take a look our Walk once a day this winter info hubcrammed with tips and advice to nudge you to leave your sofa and stay active this winter whether that’s indoors, outdoors, alone or with your friends and family.

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