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The WiSe Scheme


The UK’s national training scheme for minimising disturbance to marine wildlife

The waters around the UK are home to a fantastic variety of marine wildlife, whether visible from the shore or from a boat. However, these wild animals are vulnerable to disturbance if not encountered in a manner that respects their wild nature.

​The WiSe Scheme is about watching marine wildlife the wildlife-safe way.

​”Our aim is to promote responsible wildlife-watching, through training, accreditation and raising awareness. The WiSe Scheme is a simple modular training course aimed primarily at wildlife cruise operators, dive and service boats and yacht skippers. These people are most likely to come into contact with marine wildlife, as they are out on the water on a regular basis. But we also seek to educate the general public who are keen to minimise their impact whilst out on or near the water.​”

Find out morewhat is the WiSe Scheme?

​Forthcoming courses see WiSe Course details.

Standard WiSe Course – taking place: 22/2/2021 and 23/2/2021
Time: 19.00 – 21.30 both nights
Location: Zoom link to be sent out before the course
Cost: £120 per person (including VAT).
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