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Return to Sport & Physical Activity Guidance – Friday 12th March 2021

Guidance for Scottish Governing Bodies of sport (SGBs) in developing sport specific guidance for Local Authorities/ Trusts, clubs, and others, (herein referred to as ‘operators’) on the phased return of sport and physical activity in Scotland.


Key changes to note in the Return to Sport & Physical Activity Guidance are as follows and are highlighted in yellow within the updated guidance here


Pg.2  Strategic Framework Document link updated to latest Feb 2021 version


Pg.3  Table A.  Updated to include revised outdoor guidance at Level 4.

Note  – that the intent is to permit ‘local’ training or competition i.e. within the club.  It is not intended to support inter club training, competition or events.


Pg.6, section 10.  Travel guidance updated for young people.

Note – Parents can drive a under 18s outside their local authority area for their regular organised group activity.


Pg.6, Table B updated for under 18s.


Pg.7, point 16. Updated definition of group activity.

point 17. Updated.


Pg.9 & 10, points 34-36 updated to provide more information on outdoor bubbles/numbers.

Note – The intent is to permit regular organised group activity in the location this usually take place.  Participants should not travel to other clubs or venues for sessions or activities they do not usually take part in. Over  18s must also remain within their local authority area.


Pg.11.  Points 48-50 updated to differentiate between Level 0-3 and Level 4 ‘Coaching’.


Pg.12.  Point 53 added.  Includes links to mental health awareness training.


Pg.18.  Previous guidance point 102 “Scottish Government travel advice and guidance relating to local outbreaks or clusters…..” removed as link no longer valid.


Pg.19, Appendix 1, point 6.  Link updated (Local Protection Levels).


Pg.19 & 20, points 7-9 updated covering Travel Restrictions in Level 4.


Pg.20, points 14 & 15.  Updated to provide current guidance on who/how many can take part in organised outdoor sport.


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