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From 26 April it’s expected that the tourism and hospitality industry can begin to reopen. The Scottish Government is currently updating guidance and it’s hoped this will be finalised and available to the sectors by mid-April to allow time for operators to absorb and plan for any changes in advance of reopening.

Many of the standard aspects of the current guidance will remain the same, such as physical distancing, face coverings, at seat service in hospitality and enhanced hygiene protocols.

Safe operating practices will continue to be the subject of a risk-based approach, with all premises required to revisit their COVID-19 risk assessments. This can be carried out now for the majority of ongoing mitigating measures and then reviewed in light of updated guidance when published.

Further updates will be provided as soon as possible.

There are, understandably, some pertinent questions you need answers to, and we’ve worked with the Scottish Government team to pull together a list of topical questions, and answers: CLICK HERE FOR FULL LIST OF QUESTIONS 

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