Wild Scotland Best Practice Guidelines

Enjoy a wildlife boat trip with Gairloch Marine Wildlife Centre & Cruises

Enjoy a wildlife boat trip with Gairloch Marine Wildlife Centre & Cruises

Wild Scotland provides advice and guidance to all its members on best practice.

We have two sets of guidelines for members and other operators

  1. Wildlife Watching: All operators who include wildlife watching as part of their trip download here (2012).
  2. Mountain Biking: All operators who include mountain biking as part of their trip download here (2014).

The guidelines provides general advice for companies taking people out into the countryside and complement existing codes of conduct for specific activities and species.

Why do we need best practice guidelines?

Responsible tourism is a key part of Wild Scotland’s activities, and all our members, both adventure and wildlife activity providers, sign up to follow guidelines. As the national wildlife and adventure tourism association, we are setting standards through the collective experience and knowledge of our members.

As nature-based tourism increases, we want to make sure that our wildlife and countryside is not affected by the increasing number of people wanting to visit it.

Our first wildlife watching guidelines were the first of their kind in the UK and were launched at the first World Responsible Tourism Day in London in 2007 – click here for more info.

You can read our previous guidelines here: