Windsurfing, Stand-Up Paddling & Surfing

Sunset Stand Up Paddling (SUP). Credit: Unicorn Paddle

Sunset Stand Up Paddling (SUP). Credit: Unicorn Paddle

Windsurfing, stand up paddling, body boarding and surfing. Just some of the board activities available in Scotland. So why not give them a try.

If you are an expert windsurfer, then Scotland’s Atlantic coast and islands – and in particular the coast of Tiree – will prove irresistable. If you are not quite in that league, then let one of our members below help with an introduction to the sport or a full RYA-approved course in the sport.

Want to try something new, how about Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)? Quite simply, it involves standing on a surf-board (called SUP-board) and using a paddle to propel you along. Flat water SUPing, paddle surfing and SUP racing are growing activities in the UK.

And last but not least surfing.  Before you say it, Scotland is a great location for the sport and consistent surf and world class waves mean that our reputation for world-class surfing is growing.  We’d recommend wearing a wetsuit though!

Board Activities