Canyoning, Coasteering and Gorge Walking

Gorge walking with Craggan Outdoors, Cairngorms National Park

Gorge walking with Craggan Outdoors

These are three activities where you will definitely get wet and have fun at the same time.

Canyoning and gorge walking take place on Scotland’s river. Gorge walking, as the name suggests involves walking up (or down) a river, jumping into pools and sliding down falls. Canyoning is similar but is more extreme. It involves bigger jumps and slides as well as harnessed abseils.

Unlike the other two activites, coasteering as the name suggests, takes place along the coast and involves climbing, scrambling and swimming along the rocky shore and cliffs. It (almost) always includes jumping into the sea. Trips are half day or full day activities and are available at different levels from beginners to advanced. Safety equipment including wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets are provided.

Canyoning, Coasteering & Gorge Walking