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Watch Me See

Watch Me See is a comprehensive, award winning Scotland travel resource founded by Kathi Kamleitner.

On the blog, readers can find practical advice for travelling around Scotland, detailed destination guides and itineraries, inspiring stories from hiking adventures and other outdoor activities and tips for finding delicious vegan food around the country.

Providing a tailored experience, Watch Me See offers itinerary planning services to help visitors plan a customised Scotland trip that is 100% right for them including finding the best places to go, hidden gems along the route and finding the perfect activities for unique experiences.


Together with Girls in Hills, Watch Me See organises women only hiking retreats in Glencoe which are all about sharing skills and gaining confidence in the mountains together

Contact Details

Address:Glasgow UK

Opening Times


Geographical regions this provider operates in

  • The Highlands
  • Glasgow, Ayrshire, Arran


Activities this provider runs

  • Walking, Trekking & Hiking

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