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C-N-Do Scotland Walking & Wildlife

Since 1984, C-N-Do has been helping people to get out and enjoy Scotland. Our qualified, knowledgeable and at times inspirational walking guides all have and share a true passion for Scotland and its natural heritage. C-N-Do holidays are not just about walking, but about experiencing a real journey through nature and wonderful landscapes. There is only so much that can be appreciated from a book or television.

The real C-N-Do experience – well, it is when you round a bend and come across a deer grazing quietly, or turn to look at the view only to be “face to face” with an eagle sweeping across the corrie floor, so close that you can see the shades of colour on its wings and the glint of sun in its eye, or watch the sun slowly setting over a wild, quiet awesome landscape.

The silent gasp, the sense of awe or wonder and the memory can only be experienced by being there, never second hand. Seeing, learning, sharing, experiencing such living memories, it is the “whole experience of the whole environment of landscape and nature” that is what C-N-Do holidays are all about; always memorable, always aware of our impact, sometimes life-changing, sometimes challenging, usually awe inspiring, always fun to share. As someone said recently – “..your sensitive, enthusiastic and friendly guide has a passion for nature, encouraging me to hike in places I thought impossible … experiences gained by taking that first step out with C-N-Do.”

Join us to enjoy and celebrate Scottish landscapes and nature; walking and wildlife; the spirit of the hills and wild lonely places… Join us and join like-minded friends, old and new, sharing the experiences of walking in nature, to return feeling alive, alert and at one with yourself and the environment that is shared by all.

Contact Details

Address:Haypark Marchmont Avenue
Tel:Click to view01324332053

Opening Times

Check website for dates of tours


Species this provider offers to spot


Geographical regions this provider operates in

  • The Outer Hebrides
  • The Highlands
  • Cairngorms National Park, Aberdeenshire and Moray
  • Argyll & the Isles
  • Loch Lomond & the Trossachs and Forth Valley
  • Perthshire, Angus and Fife


Activities this provider runs

  • Snowsports
  • Walking, Trekking & Hiking

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