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Scotland’s Wildlife Fact Sheet

Scotland’s wildlife is all around us. And as part of the Year of Natural Scotland, we have teamed up with Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage to create a free wildlife sheet which lists 14 animals in 10 languages (plus latin) you may be lucky to see in Scotland.

‘Scotland’s Wildlife’ sheet is free to download, simply click the picture and print it off.

Download the Wildlife Sheet here.


Each animal is listed in 10 languages (& latin) to help all visitors to Scotland enjoy our wildlife. The languages are – English – Latin – Mandarin – Dutch – French – Russian – Gaelic – German – Spanish – Portuguese – Italian.

To find out more about the animals mentioned on Scotland’s Wildlife, follow the links below (English only):

Red deer  –  Red grouse  –  Grey seal  –  Golden eagle  –  Red squirrel  –  Common buzzard

Roe deer  –  Osprey  –  Otter   –  Puffin  –  Bottlenose dolphin  –  Loch Ness Monster

Printed copies are available from Wild Scotland. Please contact us for details.


If you are using the sheet for your tourism business and want to find out more about Wildlife Tourism in Scotland, go to Tourism Intelligence Scotland and download their great guide on the subject.

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