About Wild Scotland

Introducing A Natural High3 year plan

Wild Scotland is the body representing adventure and nature tourism operators in Scotland.


Our members offer everything from wilderness walking holidays and mountain biking tours to whale-watching boat trips and bush craft activities. They are committed to providing some of the most inspiring experiences that Scotland has to offer.


Our Aims

  • To inspire visitors about Scotland’s natural environment and to connect them with a trusted network of tourism businesses which uphold the highest standards.
  • To provide our members with support so that they can create and deliver world-class nature-based experiences.
  • To have Scotland recognised as one of Europe’s premier nature tourism destinations.

In order to protect the natural environment where our members operate, Wild Scotland members are committed to working towards the following principles of sustainability:

  • Minimising any negative impacts on local nature and culture.
  • Promoting knowledge and respect for nature and communities and supporting local economies.
  • Investing in enhancing Scotland’s natural heritage and improving environmental performance.


Our History

Wild Scotland was established in 2003 as the Scottish wildlife tourism association and merged with Activity Scotland, the Scottish activity providers association in April 2011 to form the current association which represents all responsible nature-based tourism activities in Scotland.

If you would like further information about the association, please contact us.